“I initially thought seeing an animal behaviorist would not provide the kind of effective help I was seeking for an anxious dog, but Dr. Pike’s and Jessey’s observations and recommendations for Sherlock have really helped. We’re still working on some of Sherlock’s behaviors but it gives me great peace of mind that Dr. Pike and Jessey of the Veterinary Referral Center of Northern Virginia’s Behavior Medicine Division understand dog behavior so well and that they have the in-depth knowledge and patience that is required to help out anxious dogs and owners.”

Katherine W.
Oakton, VA

“Buddy, our male Rottweiler mix, was 13 ½ months old when we adopted him. He had spent most of his life in various shelters and was adopted and returned three times prior to finding his forever home with us. He had severe separation anxiety, as well as fear-based aggression. Our veterinary practice referred us to Dr. Amy Pike and Jessey Scheip, LVT of the Behavior Medicine Division of the Veterinary Referral Center of Northern Virginia. Our initial consultation was with Dr. Pike and Jessey and all follow-up appointments have been with Jessey. She has been an amazing source of support, advice, and training to us and to our dog Buddy. When we began this journey, I was terrified to walk Buddy around the block because I was so afraid of his reaction to other people. Now I can confidently walk Buddy, as well as travel with him because Jessey has taught us how to recognize Buddy’s cues, what to do when he is showing us that he is uncomfortable, and how to manage problem behavior. She is always pleased to work with us and is compassionate while being honest about Buddy’s behavior and limitations. We promised we would not return Buddy but without Jessey’s help—we would not have been able to keep that promise. Buddy wouldn’t be here today without Jessey.”

Marilyn D. and Scott W.
Reston, VA

“I cannot praise Dr. Bradley and all of his staff in the Surgical Division enough for the care that they gave Otis. Otis never does things easily. I think he just likes to create drama and drama we had. I knew that everything that could be done for him would be. It was wonderful to bring home a dog that had received such excellent and compassionate care. I also want to thank Dr. Smith in the Emergency Division for his help with Otis.”


Bernadette S.
Clifton, VA

“Jessey, LVT in the Behavior Medicine Division, is amazing with Gunther. He’s a difficult case and it takes a long time to build trust with him. He has made consistent progress. She is professional and friendly and really cares about the animal’s wellbeing. Jessey is a pleasure to work with.”

Lisa B.
Annandale, VA

“You guys are the best! Monty is our second large dog to experience knee issues. You guys have always taken great care of our boys! That being said, we hope to never need to see you again for surgical treatment. Next time will be a social call!”

David C.
Stafford, VA


“I could not be more pleased with the care both of my Goldens at the Veterinary Referral Center of Northern Virginia. Dexter had three knee surgeries and Teddy had a large tumor removed. The caring nature, quality of knowledge, and expertise is unparalleled in my opinion. They treat my babies like they were their own family. The facility is spotless and staff warm, inviting, and comforting if the situation warrants.”

Catherine M.
Dumfries, VA

“Our Behavior Medicine visit with Cleo and Forest was outstanding in every aspect—truly important visit because we have so much at stake with our dogs. It could not have been a better visit.”

Jeffery and Ann K.
Great Falls, VA


“Thank you, Dr. Chiapella and fantastic support staff. Duncan and I are so impressed with our first and thorough diagnostic Internal Medicine visit. You are loving and friendly and so very knowledgeable. We appreciate you.”

Carol W.
Arlington, VA


“Dr. Pike and her team provide the best behavioral/patient care I’ve ever experienced—and I’ve had dogs for over 40 years.”

Rosa S.
Arlington, VA


“How do you say thank you to a team who not only gave me back my best friend but my partner. Molly, my German Shepard, is my service dog. Upon arrival at the Emergency Division, Molly was critical. As test after test came back negative Dr. Kent Smith kept me informed and I could see the determination in him—he was not giving up. The next morning Molly was transferred to Dr. Todd Deppe in Internal Medicine. At this point Molly had another blood transfusion, yet was getting worse. Maryanne, Dr. Deppe’s assistant, would not let Molly or me give up. We still have a long road ahead of us but without the caring, selfless, and experienced professionals at the Veterinary Referral Center of Northern Virginia we would not have even turned a corner.”

Janet H.
Colonial Beach, VA

“We are very happy with the care our dog Gideon received at the Surgery Division of the Veterinary Referral Center of Northern Virginia. Dr. Morris and his team are always friendly and accommodating. Gideon is a big fan too. He has healed quickly and is ready to get back to the dog park!”

Hilary F. and James F.
Washington, DC

“We have had a good experience with the Veterinary Referral Center of Northern Virginia. Our puppy still loves to come here.”

Shyane and Cleb P.
Front Royal, VA


“The Veterinary Referral Center of Northern Virginia’s facility and staff are top notch. They truly care about your four-legged family members. I highly recommend them. We love the Veterinary Referral Center of Northern Virginia!”

(Lily has been cared for by the Emergency, Internal Medicine, and Surgery Divisions of the Veterinary Referral Center of Northern Virginia.)

Donna N.
Gainesville, VA

“Maya has had two surgeries here at the Veterinary Referral Center of Northern Virginia during the last year. We couldn’t have been more pleased with her care. Everyone we have dealt with here made us feel like Maya was getting the best care possible.”

Bethany K.
Bristow, VA

“Jezebel is my best friend. When she tore her cruciate ligament requiring surgery I was dreading the process. I only knew I wanted the best care possible. I am very pleased with the Veterinary Referral Center of Northern Virginia. Not only are the facilities top notch but the staff is kind and patient. Jezebel has gotten better and her mobility has even improved. Worth every penny!”


Robert H.
Nokesville, VA

“We have come to the Veterinary Referral Center of Northern Virginia on three different occasions and they have all been great experiences with positive outcomes. The first time was for a right front biceps tendinosis issue. The second was a left ACL injury with Dr. Bradley and lastly was a right ACL injury with Dr. Morris. Our five-year old chocolate lab, Molly, was always comfortable and well taken care of. The staff is excellent and very professional. Drs. Bradley and Morris are amazing. I highly recommend the Veterinary Referral Center of Northern Virginia.”

Nolan and Melanie C.
Ashburn, VA

“Teak was diagnosed with a large liver mass. We came to see Dr. Bradley and his team for advice and to calm our nerves. We can’t thank the team from the Veterinary Referral Center of Northern Virginia enough for saving Teak’s life.”

Caroline W.
Vienna, VA


“This was Jee Jee’s second ACL surgery. This time it was with Dr. Morris. Four years ago Dr. Bradley did her surgery. Both surgeries turned out great with the recommended rehab. Although Jee Jee turned 12, she is still very active and likes to run loose again in the countryside thanks to the good care she received here.”

Chris G.
Strasburg, VA

“The expertise of Dr. Chiapella and her staff are top notch and caring. They go the extra yard to ensure Josephine and Isabel have the best treatment possible. Josephine has been a particularly challenging case for Dr. Chiapella and she never gave up on her when others would have when faced with her unusual set of circumstances. She always considers their quality of life as part of their decision making. The staff relays messages quickly and always ensures they get back to me promptly. This is a fabulous place to have surgery on your dog too – great service, knowledgeable, and very professional caring staff and veterinarians. The ER is top notch as well – Josephine has been to the ER several times and everyone is right there to ensure she was taken care of. It is the only ER I will use.”

Annie A.
Fairfax, VA

thor-s-testimonial-_-1“The Veterinary Referral Center of Northern Virginia has been totally professional while taking care of my 10-year old Shih-Tzu due to an ACL tear and bladder stone removal.  All instructions for recovery were clear and concise.  Their lines of communication are always open.”

Sharon S.
Woodbridge, VA

lucky-e“We’ve been pleased with the care and courtesy extended to us during Lucky’s experience here at the Veterinary Referral Center of Northern Virginia.  We especially appreciated the tour of the facilities on our initial visit and the clear explanation of the procedures involved in Lucky’s surgery and recovery, as well as the patience in answering all our questions.  Dr. Morris has been very caring about Lucky’s total health and initiated contact with the appropriate veterinary services.”

Robert E.
Culpeper, VA

finn-b“The Veterinary Referral Center of Northern Virginia and Dr. Morris took care of Finn for both TPLO surgeries.  Dr. Morris was able to tell us exactly what to expect for all phases of Finn’s recovery and his timeline fit her progress to the day.  The dedication to what these doctors do is evident.  Not only are they caring, but knowledgeable and consistent.  Thanks for building a great practice!”

Pamela and Tim B.
Warrenton, VA

peepo-h“Everyone has been wonderful!  Peepo has been in great hands, from beginning to end.  Thank you all so much for caring about him as we do!  Seriously, your staff is top rate!”

Melissa H.
Bristow, VA



greta-s-_-1“Dr. Bradley got us an appointment the following day after Greta tore the ligament in her right hind leg.  She had surgery done the following Monday.  She recovered very fast with little to no side effects.  Dr. Bradley did surgery on her left hind leg a few years ago and it is totally healed.  Greta lives on two acres and runs free.  She is very active and we are pleased with the care Dr. Bradley and the staff has provided.  We highly recommend the Veterinary Referral Center of Northern Virginia and Dr. Bradley.”

Nils S.
Spotsylvania, VA

buffi-f“Great service and great staff! What more can I say.”

Sharon F.
Fredericksburg, VA



sonny-testimonial“Nice people, took great care of our Sonny in his time of need.  We would recommend them to all our friends.”

Joe L.
Goldvein, VA


oscar-m-_1“It is unreal how incredibly caring and concerned everyone here is.  From the receptionist to the vets—everyone truly cares and gives exceptional attention to the client and the pet.  Dr. Birnbaum is incredible—she calls, shows concern, and goes above and beyond what would be expected.  The kindness of everyone here is so comforting.  My baby, Oscar, is in the very best hands here and I explicitly trust everyone to provide loving and thorough care.  Thank you so much for everything and for giving me such peace of mind.”

Robin M.
Warrenton, VA

mariner-k“Dr. Birnbaum and her staff saved my pet’s life! I was provided with ample information and options to make the right decision for treatment of canine lymphoma.”

Patricia K.
Centreville, VA



savannah-m-testimonial“Excellent care! Full explanation of every action taken.  Appointments were on point, we showed up and were taken straight to a room.  Superb!”

Ryan M.
Stafford, VA




piper-c-testimonial“The doctors and staff cared for Piper as if she was their own.  The love, attention, and dedication was amazing and made me feel much better during an extremely difficult and unsure time.  I cannot be more grateful we were all in this together and that Piper is healthy again.”

Kristy C.
Fairfax Station, VA


tanner-testimonial“Our experience at the Veterinary Referral Center of Northern Virginia’s Surgery Division was extremely comforting.  Dr. Bradley and his entire staff loved on my dog, Tanner, and took excellent care of him throughout his ACL repair.  I would refer this practice to anyone who demands the best care for their beloved pet.”

Tania T.
Fairfax, VA




caesar-bryan-2“We have been coming here for many years with various dogs and we are very pleased with the doctors and all the staff.  We always receive the best care.  Everyone takes time to explain everything.  This is greatly appreciated.”

Pattie B.
Manassas, VA




gunner“Gunner had surgery at the Veterinary Referral Center of Northern Virginia.  Excellent all around!!”

Jamie C.
Haymarket, VA





“Hutch is a very special boy. He suffers from advanced heart disease so any procedure needs to be approached with great caution. As a Foster of The Bull Terrier Rescue of Virginia—we do all we can for him. On July 4th Hutch was admitted with a major blockage. Seems he got a hold of a couple of tennis balls. When the only option was surgery, Dr. Bradley was amazing in his care and approach to the delicate nature of the situation. The attention and love felt by the staff toward Hutch is a testament to the amazing work done by The Veterinary Referral Center of Northern Virginia. Thank you for all you do!”

Michael M.
Manassas, VA

14124904_861053107329707_8719347546788860898_o“Everyone was very kind and caring toward Alice. They always took care of us during each visit and were quite flexible to accommodate our needs. Wonderful experience!”

Jennifer V.
Fairfax, VA



“Our gratitude is endless for the expert care you provided to our boy, Sunshine, during and after his PU surgery. We cannot thank you enough for saving his life.”

Lori S. and Chris H.
South Riding, VA

13886303_843317799103238_7595616214091426677_n“Great staff. Dr. Morris is outstanding. Hank is the nervous type but he loved to come and get a check-up. Special thanks to Heidi also. Clean facility! I loved getting a tour and step-by-step explanation of the surgery and after care. Highly recommend them!”

Mannela W.
Woodbridge, VA



“Thank you so much for your skill and expertise. Bogey is back to a happy-go-lucky Brittany who enjoys walks and bird pointing. Also, thank you to the entire staff from the receptionists to the techs. It’s obvious that everyone there loves dogs and realizes how important they are in our lives.”

Pat T.
Alexandria, VA

“Thank you ALL so much for the amazing care you gave our little Rudy. We were able to rest easy knowing he was in such loving hands. We are so grateful!”

Jessica and Will O.
Chantilly, VA

“Blown away by this place! Very happy with the service. Will recommend to everyone. Thank you all.”

Sharon W.
Stafford, VA

13782295_836297643138587_2174128587872402378_n“Thank you so much for taking care of Addison. We weren’t expecting a lump on her belly to lead to the removal of a non-functioning kidney. We are so happy to have her back to her normal self!”

Chris B.
Brandy Station, VA